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You can use these downloads to create your own cartographic effects. Note that clicking on any heading will sort the table contents.

Name Format Description Software Requirements
Sector Analysis ArcGIS Toolbox This download contains the Sectors toolbox. It contains a script tool that can be used to create geodesic sectors wtih input from a .dbf table. This download also contains associated documentation and test data. Originally developed to model the shape, orientation, spread, and direction of cellphone signals (from a mast), input data (in .dbf format) can be used to build similar sector features. This model runs in ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced 10. See the tool interface... ArcGIS 10
Parse Feature Class Name Toolbox ArcGIS Toolbox This download contains the ParseFCName toolbox. It contains a Python script that can be used to parse the base name of an input file, which can be used as a variable in a tool. This can be used in a model, such as the example shown here, to join .dbf files to shapefiles and then rename the output using the .dbf file name. The Python script can be modified to read any input file format, not just .dbf, and pass that name to a tool. This will be a core model-specific tool included in ArcGIS 10. See the example model... ArcGIS 9.3
Field Check Toolbox ArcGIS Toolbox This download contains the Field Check toolbox. It contains a Python script that checks whether a field exists in a table and outputs one of two Boolean variables, Exists and Not_Exists. If the field exists, Exists will be true and Not_Exists will be false. If the field does not exist, Exists will be false and Not_Exists will be true. You can use this in a model to check whether the attribute table of a feature class contains a field. This can be used with if-else logic in the model.

ArcGIS 9.3
Template Model ArcGIS Toolbox This download contains the Your Tools toolbox. You can use this download as a template to create your own models or tools. It contains the directory structure, a map document with the geoprocessing environment settings set, empty file geodatabases in the workspaces, and example documentation. See the model... ArcGIS 9.3
Bump Map Tools ArcGIS Toolbox These tools create a bump mapped surface to give the terrain a textured look. This toolbox also contains resources to symbolize the bump map, including rasters of the bumps for each type of vegetation; output from the No Bumps model can be used to symbolize areas where there are no bumps. See the model... ArcGIS 9.3 and Spatial Analyst
Hillshade Tools ArcGIS Toolbox These tools create a Swiss effect hillshade and a multidirectional oblique weighting (MDOW) hillshade. See the models... ArcGIS 9.2 or 9.3 and Spatial Analyst
Four Color Map ArcObjects This tool and a COM component implement an algorithm to assign a number from 1 to 4 to a field in a polygon feature class. A unique value renderer using the field will symbolize the polygons so that no neighbors have the same color. Details are provided in a Readme file and in the help documentation for the tool. ArcGIS 9.2
Draw Symbol Levels ArcScript This sample tool sets symbol levels for each feature in a point layer symbolized by unique values. The point features are then drawn in ascending order using Advanced Drawing symbol levels. This is useful for drawing trees or hillsigns so that the features that should be in front are drawn last. ArcGIS 9.2
Batch Find and Replace Python Script Tool This tool populates strings in a text field with replacement strings that are specified in a find/replace table. This is useful for standardizing label strings or introducing and enforcing standard abbreviations. ArcGIS 9.2
Convert Text to Proper Case Python Script Tool This tool converts the text strings in one field (presumed to be all upper- or all lowercase) to a proper case (mixed upper- and lowercase) text string in another (new) field. This tool is written to handle common abbreviations, such as NE for northeast, so that it won't come out as Ne. ArcGIS 9.2
Extract Hwy Numbers for Hwy Shield Labels Python Script Tool This tool adds the numeric portion of a highway name to another text field. ArcGIS 9.2

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