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October 29 2009 | 3 comments
Categories: Map Data

Dear sir/madam:

First of all thank you for your cooperation. Dear sir/madam please kindly help me how can I convert the datum from Everest 1830 to WGS 84.

Thanking you.

Mapping Center Answer:

You would do this by changing the coordinate system of the data using the Project tools (there are Raster or Vector tools depending on your data).  In order to convert from Everest 1830, you will need to use the Define projection tool first, and set your data to use the predefined Geographic Coordinate System -> Sphere Based -> "Everest (definition 1937)".  This is the mathematical equivalent of Everest 1830.


I think the question and answer are not matching. posted by Sarvesh Dhakal on Mar 22 2012 8:21AM
When the question says "convert the datum from Everest 1830 to WGS 84" it does not ask how to specify a coordinate system to a data. The answer is about changing the coordinate system (datum) from one system to another. The coordinates will not change only the datum will. The question is probably asking how to change the datum so that the coordinates will be changed as a result. I have the same question posted on following link.
Re-Written posted by Charlie Frye on Mar 22 2012 8:58AM
Thanks for the note; the previous answer besides having typos in critical places was not very helpful.
Other information posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 22 2012 10:12AM
Other related information may be found here:

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