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Point to Raster or Polygon

November 03 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

I have a point shape file that contains climate information. Each point is at a specific lat/long & at 5km grid spacing. How do I convert the file to raster, or convert to polygon layer (the points would be the centre of the polygons.)

I would be looking at generating a series of layers eg – rainfall, temp max, temp min etc as per the field headings. Note: The field POINT shows the lat/long eg: 49653390 = 149.65 / -33.90

Mapping Center Answer:

I have used the same kind of data and found using the Interpolation tools in the Spatial Analyst to be the best place to start.  The help topic in the link in the previous sentence gives a good overview and should help you decide which tool to use given your data.  If you have got a statistician or geostatistician available to advise you with the science side of this question, I think that would be very helpful. 

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