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Canada Tree Canopy Data Source?

November 04 2009 | 8 comments
Categories: Map Data

Hello. I am attempting to re-create the Topographic Map based on the available templates and customize it for our use. I was wondering where I can find the tree canopy data for Canada found on the World Topographic Map:


Mapping Center Answer:

I thought I'd try this this way.  I put the data and layer on at:

This is stored as a layer package and shared to everyone, so you should be able to see it.  It's 70Mb (compressed) so may require a bit of download time.

Thanks posted by Brett Holycross on Nov 4 2009 10:48AM
Thanks for posting this dataset! Does this contain the tree canopy dataset from NLCD (2001 Version) at full resolution for the US?
Not NLCD posted by Charlie Frye on Nov 4 2009 11:33AM
The FAO dataset is not NLCD. We downloaded the NLCD data from:

We then mosaicked and projected the data--comparatively very straight forward--the topographic map templates have the layers (for symbology & transparency) that we used.
Canopy Data crashing posted by Brett Holycross on Nov 4 2009 11:44AM
I downloaded the layer packager and it seems to crash my ArcMap session when I attempt to open it as well as when I try to look at the data in ArcCatalog. Any ideas?
FAO vs NLCD posted by Brett Holycross on Nov 4 2009 11:50AM
So when you say that this data is not NLCD... does that mean that the FAO dataset is used until a certain zoom scale is reached, then NLCD is used for the US and nothing is used for Canada?
Hello? posted by Brett Holycross on Nov 9 2009 2:02PM
Any chance I can get my above questions answered? Thanks.
Sorry for the delay... posted by Charlie Frye on Nov 9 2009 2:13PM
My first guess is that the ArcGIS Online site, which is still beta is having some problems. So, first did you get the .lpk file? That is just a ZIP file--if you change the suffix to .zip you can manually extract the .gdb. Does that work?

There is no NLCD data in the download; it's only the FAO data. If you want NLCD data, you should download it from:

and just get the regions you need. The full dataset is a bit large to post as I did.
Still not working posted by Brett Holycross on Nov 9 2009 2:57PM
When I use the link you sent for ArcGISOnline, there is only an option to "Open in ArcGIS"... and when I use that, it attempts to open the layer in my active ArcMap document and subsequently crashes it. I don't see how I can simply save the file with the current setup. Ideas?
item.pkinfo vs. LPK posted by Charlie Frye on Nov 11 2009 10:02AM
I'm still getting the bug where the Open in ArcGIS button tries to use the item.pkinfo file, which is inside the .LPK (ZIP archive).

Sorry we will work on this.

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