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aligning content within a data frame

November 08 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Elements

I have my map all laid out as I want it. But, I cannot seem to get the content aligned as I want it within the data frame. I can't see any snapping options I have left switched on, nor can I see why it is always shifting one way of the other. I want to work at a set scale (in this instance 1:10,000) and simply move the entire contents (not the legend, N arrow, scale bar or index) to a place where I like the layout and look of the map. But I can't seem to make it work. It always shifts left or right. If I stretch the box and keep the scale I can get it where I want but the then the outer edges are too great and when I drag one side back it changes scale and shift content away again.

What am I doing wrong? I seem to recall being able to move content within a box in past versions (I am now on 9.3.1).

Mapping Center Answer:

The graphic elements inside data frames do not respond to the snapping grid or guides for layout graphic elements.  You can use the align/distribute tools--the easiest/most efficient way to do that is to open the Graphics toolbar.

The online help for working with graphics is a good place to start.

One not so obvious trick for working in layout view and trying to organize layout graphic elements relative to the graphic elements in the data frame is to focus the data frame--you can do that by double-clicking on the selected data frame. That will allow you to work with the data frame's graphics while in layout view--but again these graphics will not snap or align to the layout's grid or guides.

Looking at your PDF, I think you just need to take the text and background graphics out of your data frame and have them be in the layout, floating on top of your data frame.  You can do that by double-clicking your data frame to focus it, then select the elements you want, choose cut from the Edit menu, then click off your data frame to unselect and unfocus it--then choose paste from the edit menu.

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