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Display multiple text fields in legend

November 16 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I would like to create a legend that displays text fields (i.e. feature ID and acreage). I would also like the legend to dynamically update from sheet to sheet in a mapbook.

Mapping Center Answer:

A couple of ideas to create a legend that displays text for multiple fields:

1.  Symbolize your data using unique values, many fields. To do this, right click on your layer in the Table of Contents and go the the Symbology tab.  Symbolize your data using Categories, Unique values, many fields. Here, you can select feature ID and acreage as your Value Fields.  The two values will then display in your legend separated by a comma.  In this dialog, you can also modify the Label field to label your legend items as you would like.

2.  Another idea is to concatenate the two fields (feature ID and acreage) into one (using the field calculator) and then use that field as the value field to display for the legend.

To learn more about dynamic legends, look at the ArcGIS Desktop help on Creating a dynamic legend scroll towards the middle of the page to read about creating the legend for a map series.

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