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Color palette

November 17 2009 | 1 comment
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Was wondering if there's a mxd that we can use to calibrate a color palette on a printer. What I'm ideally looking for is something that could produce something like the "Map Production Color Book" that Allan Cartography gave out at NACIS this (and last) year.

It would produce color swatches with the CMYK, RGB or HSV codes (you could chose which color space you wanted) along side of the swatch itself. I have one that GreenInfo put together, but it is for the ESRI default palette only. What I'd like to find is something that would create color swatches based on a range of values.

Any ideas?


Mapping Center Answer:

Of course we're guilty of not picking up the Allan Cartography's handout so recalling it's details will be difficult.  Generally on the topic of color calibration there are a couple of sample MXDs that get installed with ArcGIS.  These are in the \ArcGIS\Plotters folder.  They are called calibrate.mxd and CMY_PlotterCalibrate.mxd respectively. 

These are not quite as sophisticated as what you're describing, but could be used as, or customized to be used for your organization's palette, the basis for a color managed work flow.  The basic idea is to calibrate your monitor to a given color standard (e.g., an ICC color profile), and then your printer driver likely has the ability to match that profile. It will take a bit of research as the path will vary depending on who made your monitor and printer.

We do have the Allan Cart book posted by Aileen Buckley on Dec 15 2009 3:22PM
We do actually have a copy of this on the Mapping Center team!

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