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Querying Representation

November 27 2009 | 3 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations


I have a large dataset (near 2500 features) that I have mapped using representations. Maybe half of the features have been edited (deleted vertices, offset, ...)

Now, I'd like to be able to select all the features that have been modified (have a shape override). Since the override field is a blob, I can't query it... Is there a way to do a search or query for represented data?


Mapping Center Answer:

There’s a GP tool named "Select feature by override". Just choose the layer and choose whether you want to select features that have shape overrides, property overrides or both.

There’s another tool ("Update override") that lets you move those shape overrides into the feature shape. I know this is not related to the question you asked, but you might also find this useful. You can run this tool on a set of selected features to control which overrides get "promoted" to real shapes.

And with ArcEditor?? posted by Francois Turcotte-Goulet on Dec 1 2009 5:22AM
I should have mentioned that I have an ArcEditor license... I'll still have difficulty to understand why we sometimes have tools to create something (in this case, cartographic representations), but not all the tools to work with them... I can understand that with ArcView, the representation are read only, but since we can create representations with ArcEditor, we should be able to query our work.
Working on that... posted by Charlie Frye on Dec 1 2009 10:50AM
Thanks for the note--I tend to agree and have sent this on to the right people here in Redlands.
:) posted by Francois Turcotte-Goulet on Dec 1 2009 1:01PM
Thanks Charlie!

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