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animation data creation-how to pend different time data in a shape file attribute tableap

November 30 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I am creating an animation map from a polygon data which shows the weekly Inflenza activity level by per district.  I know that if I want to create an animation for continuate weeks (slideshows) I need to create a time field first and then append all the polygons' data in different weeks (in the final table, the polygons' name will repeat with different Influza activity level at different week time).  Could you please tell me how to append all the other weeks' data into one shapefile? And is there any other shortcut to do this?

Many thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

You can use the Append tool to append the polygon data. Since the tool is in ArcToolbox, you could use ModelBuilder to create a model that appends your data. This would speed things up if you have a lot of data to process or you have to run the process multiple times. You could also use tools from ArcToolbox in your model to add the field you need to add (for time) and also potentially to calculate the values in that field.

Note that your data need to be in a geodatabase to use the Append tool. You can use the Export function to export multiple shapefiles to feature classes in a geodatabase. This will also speed things up for you.

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