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Using ArcScene and NAIP imagery

December 01 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have a MrSID 1m georef. image (NAIP) that I would like to load and use in ArcScene. When I attempt to bring this image into ArcScene there are problems - It takes a while, and when I see the file in the Table of Contents the image will not show. ?? Are there file size limits ? This file loads (and shows) fine in ArcGlobe and ArcMap ??

Mapping Center Answer:

There is actually a size limit so that may be what you are running into. I cannot tell you what the "official" size limit is, however – it depends on your local machine and what other applications you happen to be running. ArcScene is (effectively) a RAM-based application, so everything it draws needs to be in memory. A rule of thumb is "total memory usage for ArcScene should be under 1 GB", which unfortunately does not just translate to a "1 GB source file", because the imagery needs to be uncompressed to be displayed, and you can never be sure how that's going to expand. We tested things out with a MrSID image for Crater Lake National Park in Oregon (see the attached).

One of our ArcScene experts suggests: "I would recommend looking at all large imagery inside ArcGlobe (rather than ArcScene), where the framework (caching and tiling) is defined to handle it."

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