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adding symbol without error

December 01 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I've tried adding simple marker symbol, but an error will always appear whenever I add the graphic layer.  Please help me!!  I just want to add a simple marker symbol to a point.

And also, I want to know if I were to add a symbol, is a feature layer needed??

Mapping Center Answer:

I'm a little confused so let me see if I can parse the question.  There is no such this as a "graphic layer" in ArcMap. There are graphic features, geographic features and layer files. Graphic features are "dumb" features (no database behind them) that you add in Layout View in ArcMap. Geographic features come in a variety of data formats and when you add these data to your ArcMap document, they will appear in the Table of Contents. Layer files can be created from the geographic features, usually once they have been symbolized.

You can assign marker symbols to either geographic point features or graphic point features.  Geographic point features would be points commonly in either a shapefile or feature class.  Graphic points are created using the Drawing toolbar or by converting features to graphics. Both of these would be added to your ArcMap document before you try to apply the symology.  Once the point shapefile or feature class has been added, you can right click it in the Table of Contents to access its Properties, and on the Symbology tab you can change the marker symbol used to represent the point feature.  Similarly, once you had added graphic points to your map layout, you can right click the graphic points, click Properties and change the marker symbol used to represent the graphic points. Depending on whether you have geographic point features or graphic point features, you can use one of the two methods above to assign the symbology. I hope this answers your first question.

A feature layer can be created from the geographic features once you have symbolized them -- just right click the symbolized feature class or shapefile name in the table of contents in your ArcMap session and select "Save as layer file". So the answer to your last question is that a layer is what you create from symbolized geographic features (you cannot create a layer file from graphic features). You do not HAVE TO create layer files from your symbolized geographic feature if you do not want to.

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