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Measured Grid

December 03 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

Is it possible to offset bottom Measured Grid values to left or right rather than up and down without converting into graphics?


Mapping Center Answer:

In order to set the properties of the labels for the bottom edge of the grid only, you would need to add TWO measured grids to the layout -- for one, show the axes (borders, tics, etc...) and the labels for only the top and two sides. For the other, show ONLY the labels for the bottom. You can shift the labels to the right by setting the value for the number of characters for right alignment (in the Properties for this grid, on the Labels tab, click the Additional Properties button, then click the Number Format button and set the Alignment to Right and change the number to whatever works to shift the labels to the right). This won't work to shift the labels to the left since you cannot input a negative number for the right alignment. To shift the labels to the left, you would actually have to insert a new data frame, shift IT to the left and apply the grid for the bottom labels only to that data frame. Since you are using this grid to show only the labels, it will not appear and it will not conflict with the real grid.

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