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Placing values in symbols

December 07 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Labeling, Symbology

Is it possible to create a symbol WHOSE INSIDE COLOR YOU CAN CHANGE, AND INCLUDE VALUES? i tried using some of the highway signs, but you cannot change the background color, which is transparent.

Mapping Center Answer:

Yes--there are several ways.  Have a look at the marker symbols in the default style (, in particular look at the properties for "Circle 2".  Note that the green symbol layer is unlocked, and the black layer is locked. Using that symbol as the basis for Unique Values or Quantitative symbology methods will result in the black outline being maintained when you choose a color ramp or scheme.

Next look at the ESRI Lunch specials map on Mapping Center, and particularly the item for the symbols/labels.

Combine the two methods.

Re: Placing Values in Symbols posted by Wendy Plotkin on Dec 10 2009 10:41AM
This method requires the use of Maplex, and I only have ArcView, which means I have to pay for Maplex. I have asked for a 60 day trial of it, and also inquired about pricing for ArcInfo, since Maplex comes with that.

I did receive another suggestion that worked. I chose Circle 2, and then, under "Labels," checked "All labels should be placed within polygons" (that's not the exactly language). That worked!

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