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How do you label East and Westbound lanes of an expressway with one centered label?

November 21 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Modeling, Labeling

Do you all know of a script that can label street centerlines for two links with one label? To give an example, we have street centerline delineations for both the East and Westbound directions of an expressway. Using either the basic labeling or even the Maplex labeling still gives me the result of having two labels, one for each direction. I'm creating a series of 600+ maps and it's not an option to manually labels these, so for the time being I've had to compromise and just label them as names, and not symbols.

Great sample graphics, by the way! I love seeing the visuals and corresponding tips. They definitely further inspire an already enjoyable passion of mine!

Mapping Center Answer:

Here are a couple of solutions you can try.

First, is instead of labeling your dual centerlines, add another dataset (such as the major roads or the interstates from the ESRI Maps & Data CD) which contains just a single line for the highways. Assign a symbol with no-color and a zero width, but do label those features.

Second is a technique that a number of cartography companies use, primarily to guarantee excellent placement is to create a point dataset for the highway shields. You can do this fairly rapidly; just by making a new point dataset, and then with your map sheet boundaries superimposed on your roads, click and add points for the locations you want the shields to be located. Then use the Near tool to assign the FID of the closest highway, which you can then use to join to get your Highway’s attributes assigned to your points. Then just label the points like you would highway shields. If you don’t have an ArcInfo license, I suspect the Spatial Join tool will also get you want you need as well. For the project you describe it should take just a few hours and you’ll ultimately save some of that time just because drawing those labels for points is faster than for lines.

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