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Creating New Symbols with Pictures

December 09 2009 | 0 comments

We are creating a web base application that our clients and in house staff can use to dispatch and locate and manage their areas. We are trying to symbolize the roads so that they display a picture of the highway sheild as the label.

Is there a way to import or create a new label symbol from a picture. If so how would one go about this. We are running ArcEditor 9.3.

Mapping Center Answer:

What you need to use is a highway shield label instead of a picture.  We wrote a blog entries on this recently -- you can check it out at:

Using highway shields of varying widths

Also, Jim Mossman has created the highway symbols for all the states. On the ArcScripts page, search on DDV.

DDV's USA Road Shields: Interstate Routes Vers 2.0 - an Application Coyote for ArcGIS

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