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Address mapbook indexes

November 28 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

On the blog topic "Creating a street index list" it would have been a good addition to add in the functionality to address mapbook presentations. I am not speaking of the Map Series software but rather the ability to not only assign the street text to an index cell but what about the case where you are not publishing just a wall map but rather a map book with pages where each cell is represented by a page or possibly a cell may be intersected/represented on more than one page. Thereby changing the output to address the name of the street, the number of cells that the street goes through as a segment (this may or may not be required) VS using the anno/text feature and the booklet page that the cell is represented on (could be more than one). I have attached a PDF example of this which will maintain yearly.

Attachment: Sample of index for paging

Mapping Center Answer:

You’ve caught on to a definitional nuance that I made a point of avoiding (for simplicity’s sake) in that blog posting. What you’re talking about, to my thinking, is a feature index. However, you can generate what you want by using the Identity tool with your roads as the Input features and your page/sheet index as the Identity features. The result will break your roads where they intersect the grid cells, and assign the cell/page id to each road segment. It’s actually a little simpler procedure, though less often used.

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