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Using Disperse Markers on graduated symbols; is it possible?

December 17 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Effects, Cartographic Representations, Maplex


I am in the midst of creating a large format map displaying six variables (religions) represented by (custom) graduated symbols across London wards. Essentialy my problem is this: I need to display each variable on the same layer in order to use the disperse markers tool so the symbols do not cover each other.

So far I've converted the point data layers for each variable to representations, however there seems to be no way to merge/append the layers into one layer of point data which displays all of the graduated symbols in order to use disperse markers.

Is there any workaround or tool I don't know about that would accomplish this?

Many thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

Unfortunately there is nothing that displace representations of markers that are stored in multiple layers.  I also verified that by appending the points into one feature class (first) and then using the Multiple Attributes symbology method Quantity by Category is not supported--as in that symbology method cannot be converted to representations.

If you do not have a large number of categories (< 5) you could try what was our "workaround" method prior to the creation of the Disperse Markers tool, which was to use Maplex.  We wrote this up on the Mapping Center Blog under the title of Displaying Coincident Points.


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