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Street Map Template from Resource Center

December 17 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data


I was wondering how best to resource the layers in the .mxd provided in this template. The sample data set that it comes with is a subset from the "ESRI Data and Maps Street Map North America disk") and I want to resource it to the complete data set. The sample data set is in a geodatabase while the data that is on the ESRI Data and Maps Street Map North America disk is comprised of primarily .sdc files.


Mapping Center Answer:

In building the maps in the ArcGIS Online map services, we have a File Geodatabase with a feature class that effectively represents the results of appending all those SDC files together.  Here is a link to the new edition of the World Street Map as an example of the kind of map we've made using such a feature class.

In terms of a tips, once you get more than a few million features in a file geodatabase feature class, it becomes necessary to ensure you've got field indexes set up for any fields you will be querying regularly. For example definition queries, symbology fields, or label queries.  We've also found that we get much better performance by adding a field that contains Short Integer values that represent the results of more complex (multi-field) queries.

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