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Inserting a Table into Layout

December 18 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I need to insert a table into the layout of a map. In the past, I've copy/pasted an Excel spreadsheet as an object, but the text pixelates, and I'd like to eliminate that. I know I can insert an attribute table into the layout, but I've not seen any helpfiles addressing
1. how to delete unwanted fields such as ObjectID, etc.
2. how to sum one of the fields on the bottom line
3. how to delete the empty space to the right and bottom of the inserted table
4. how to drag a corner of the table to increase the size in the layout

Can I accomplish these items, and if so, how?


Mapping Center Answer:

Perhaps the reason you cannot find the help topics is because the content you want is listed under "Reports" instead of "Tables".  Take a look at the online documentation for reports to information on the topics you lsited in yoru question.

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