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control the display of features at zoom levels

December 22 2009 | 0 comments

I am having a Roads layer with attributes such as Road, Bridge, U Turn, Turn, Service Road.

I need to make the features visible at different zooms e.g. at 1:200000 only the Road should be visible, when I zoom in at 10000, Roads along with Bridge and service road should be visible.

Please guide on the process to do this. Its similar to how the features are seen in Google Maps, where lower order features are not displayed after a particular zoom.

Please advice ASAP......

Mapping Center Answer:

We did a blog entry a while back that covers most of this:

The main idea is that you have to make a new layer each time you want a different section of roads to appear. Each of those layers will have a minimum and maximum viewing scale--the blog entry describes that in detail.  

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