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Arabic Labeling

January 04 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: Labeling

Dear sir,
I tried all the following for Arabic fonts but still have problem concerning this point "some of the characters are squished together while others are pushed apart making for a very ugly map." so what is solution for this case

Arabic Font

February 12 2008 | 1 comment
Categories: Publishing

I want to export a Map with Arabic font in EPS Format (Using ArcMap). The exported map in (EPS, PDF) does not support Arabic font. I also have marker picture symbols in my map in (BMP) format - some of them did not appear clearly in the exported map. I either export my map in (EPS, PDF, JPEG or BMP) format. Please tell me, what is the solution? Thank you.
Mapping Center Answer:

There may be a couple of things going on here. First, confirm that you have changed the output settings for either EPS or PDF to "Embed All Document Fonts". You will find this on the Options --> Format tab. Second, the unclear BMP markers may be the result of low output resolution. Experiment with increasing the DPI settings - also found on the Export --> Options tab - to see if this reduces the problem.

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Problem with Arabic fonts posted by Robert McChesney on Nov 15 2008 8:24PM
I too am having problems with Arabic font. In ArcMAP the characters look great, but when I export to PDF (300 dpi), some of the characters are squished together while others are pushed apart making for a very ugly map. As recommended by "Ask the Cartographer," I have maximized my file size (7MB to 700MB) by playing with the different settings but to no avail.

Mapping Center Answer:

The suggestions in the reply you posted in your answer were exactly correct. If those things did not fix the issues, you should contact ESRI Support. The direct link for submitting a support request to ESRI Support Services is as follows:

Convert to graphics posted by Chris Mathers on Jan 6 2010 6:36AM
Have you tried to convert your labels to graphics? Once they are graphics you lose the ability to edit the text but the will stop being font characters and in essence be vector art sitting on your map.

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