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Multivariate point

January 05 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am mapping all the football clubs in a region as points. Each category is represented by a colour. Many clubs share their facilities and therefore their location. As a result, a single location can house several points of different colour, but only the last added one is shown in the map. Is there any means to represent, as an example, 7 red clubs, 12 green clubs, 4 blue clubs and 2 yellow clubs in the same location? Due to sporting facilities clustering in urban areas, there is not enough space to include charts or other space-intensive features.

Mapping Center Answer:

Please take a look some of the blogs we wrote about mapping coincident points -- maybe they will help you:

Alternatively, you could use symbology that represents the NUMBER of clubs using a single location using symbol size, while at the same time retaining TYPE of club info in the colour.  To do this, check out the help for Drawing features to show multiple attributes.

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