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Are ArcScene 3D landscapes aligned to true north?

January 06 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping

I need to create reasonable accurate 3D topographical landscapes in conducting archaeological research of landform and Sun, Moon, star alignments dating back 5000 years.

I have acquired the British OSGB landform tiles and used ESRI's Productivity Suite to convert them to ESRI format. Then I used ArcMap and ArcScene to create 3D landscapes. However, I need to either:

1) confirm that the 3D landscapes are oriented to true North, or
2) be informed of what form of transformation is needed to change the tiles to a true North alignment rather than an OSGB grid north.

Mapping Center Answer:

ArcScene is like ArcMap – it supports all the defined coordinate systems. So you would have to check which coordinate system is being used. The scene will be displayed using grid north which will vary depending on the projection.

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