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grids + graticule problem

January 07 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I'm using ARCMAP 9.2 and I can't find the way to achieve a map border like the one I'm attaching as an example.
I have SHP data in a projected CS (Italian Grid Gauss Boaga / Monte Mario) and I'm composing a map in which I'd like to see:
- a grid, in the same projection system, which is easy
- a geographic graticule (black-white border only) based on WGS84 datum.

Moreover, I'd like the north of my map (the "up") to be the north of the geographic system, but my layout is automatically disposed with the projected north up.

If I change the layer properties setting geographic WGS84 as my CS, the data is re-projected, which is bad. I'd like to keep my projection, but setting the north to the geographic north (of course, it should be the average angle, the straight meridian should be at the center of my layout).

I hope I could explain well. Anyway the example I'm attaching should make it clearer.

Mapping Center Answer:

The map in the example you included has two elements, a map grid (looks like a UTM grid) and what we call a "calibrated neatline".  The latter is not implemented as a grid or graticule in core ArcGIS; the only solution we have for this is in the Production line Tool Set (PLTS).  It looks like we've recently repacked the PLTS functionality into different collections (Foundation, Mapping Agency, Nautical, etc.); the particular portion of functionality you would need is the Grid Manager.

Also note that you could manually create such a neatline, but if you've got more than a few maps to make, the effort and cost would be prohibitive.

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