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Representing sport leagues

January 12 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I need to represent a series of teams playing in different leagues. I would like to represent the spatial distribution of each league by joining the points (teams) of a given league to form maybe a polyline or a polygon. I also thought about a colored 'cloud' surrounding the points. What is the best option and how can I produce it with ArcGIS?

Mapping Center Answer:

The "link" method would involve the use of what is called a "spider diagram" - there is a download for a script to do this on the ArcScripts web page (

For the "cloud" method, you could try using a standard deviational ellipse with the standard deviation set to 3 and the case field as the field that identifies which league the teams belongs to.  Setting the SD higher helps to insure that the majority, if not all of, the points will be included within the SD ellipse.  Read more about this method on the Mapping Center - Maps - LA Ethnicity map page.

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