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Polygon extrusion/illumination printing problem

January 13 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have applied the technique to make a polygon "pop out" by creating a multi buffer around it and then setting it to various levels of transparency. However, I cannot get it to print. I usually export to PDF - but the transparent buffer will not show up. Nor in a TIF. I tried printing to a TIF -- no luck.

Please tell me how to do it!

Mapping Center Answer:

There are known issues for printing with transparency displayed on top of a raster.  Here are some previous Ask a Cartographer Questions that you may find useful:

Layer Transparency

Data frames won't print transparent over jpeg background image

Both of these questions are similar to yours and there are links to Knowledge Base articles that you may find useful.

Also check out the ArcGIS Desktop Help topic Printing a map for some general tips about printing in ArcMap.

Another idea to get a similiar extrusion/illumination effect is to use the Move geometric effect in cartographic representations.

The blog post 3D effect for building footprints outlines how to achieve this effect for buildings using cartographic representations.  You can apply the same methodology to the polygon you want to extrude.  The key is to find the right x/y offset values that you are satisfied with.  You can also symbolize the Move feature with a circular or rectangular gradient fill for an added effect.

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