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Distribute text vertically in multiple columns

January 21 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements


I am trying to distribute text vertically through multiple columns. For example, if I have three columns of text, I want to be able to distribute all three columns vertically at the same time so they all have the same vertical distribution. Right now I am distributing one column vertically, then in the second column I am taking the top word and aligning it with the top word in the first column, aligning the second word in the second column to the top of the second word in the first column, etc. and doing the same for the third. Is there a way to distribute them all vertically at the same time? Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

Sounds like you should be using paragraph text with the Columns and Margins settings with Rectangle Text.  To insert the new text, use the New Rectangle Text option on the Draw toolbar.  Then right click the text you insert select Properties.  Use the second tab (Columns and Margins) to set up the columns and how you you want them to display.

Matthew Baker wrote a blog post for Mapping Center on how to do this -- check it out:  Adding columns to text boxes.

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