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hillshade makes my contour go raster!

January 29 2010 | 1 comment
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in my project (a topo map) i'd like to put contour lines UNDER the hillshade in the display order, so that the contour colour is darker when the hillshade is darker (colours match better in this way). but if i put my contour below the hillshade, when exporting to pdf the contour looks like a raster level (visible pixel when zoomed). i'm attaching an example file for better understanding. is there a workaround in the pdf export options, or a way to make contour darker when the background is darker?

Mapping Center Answer:

There is a known issue with printing or exporting layers that are rasterized on output. Layers become rasterized on output when they have been set with a percentage of transparency, or when they are below layers that are transparent, contain picture symbology or raster datasets.

The workaround is to remove the transparency or elevate the contour layer so that it is above any other transparent layer, picture marker symbolized layer or raster dataset layer.

Breaking the contours by the hillshade to symboliz posted by Arthur Crawford on Feb 2 2010 2:22PM
It’s a bit of a long process, but you could break the contours out by the hillshade areas and then symbolize it. This would allow you to keep the contours on top of the hillshade. Here's a process to do it automatically instead of manually editing the contours.

1. Symbolize the hillshade with classified values to break down to ranges to match where you want to break the lines.

2. Export the hillshade raster (Data - Data Export) with Use Renderer on (Or you could use the reclassify the hillshade raster).

3. Use Raster to Polygon with Simplify off to create a polygon hillshade.

4. Clip the contours with the polygon hill shade.

5. Edit the clipped contours, select all and run the Explode in Advanced Editing toolbar. Save your data.

6. Use the Join on the clipped contours to the polygon hill shade - (Join data from another layer based on spatial location with “Each line will be given the attributes of the polygon it falls completely inside” turned on).

7. Symbolize the clipped contours off the new field called Gridcode to get the different line areas of darker vs. lighter to match the hillshade.

(I work for ESRI out of St. Louis)

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