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Saving a symbol label for a custom style

February 04 2010 | 3 comments
Categories: Map Elements, Symbology

I have made a custom style to use for defining building functions. This is based on using an integer value for the building function (i.e. 1 = residential, 2 = office, etc.). What I would like to do, is when I match the building polygons using my custom style, I would like the labels to represent the building function rather than have the "value" be the "label" when I add the legend to my map composition.

Mapping Center Answer:

This is a simple thing to do either interactivly in ArcMap or usign a coded value doemain.  In ArcMap, you can change the layer's text description in the Table of Contents or on the Symbology tab of the layer properties dialog for the layer.  Here is the online help for changing a description:  Changing a layer's text description.

Alternatively, you could use coded value domains.  Here is the online help topic relating to that concept: Attribute Domains. This method would take a little longer to set up (not much) but would be beneficial if you need consistency and an ability to check for errors (i.e., quality assurance) in your map making process.

More information required posted by craig poynter on Feb 8 2010 1:58PM
I went down the path of using Coded Attribute domains. I followed the process through and was able to get my data values (i.e. 1 = residential, 2 = office, etc.) to label, but I can't use Symbology > Categories > Match to symbols in a style, as the labels are now replacing my integer values. Ideally I would have my selected fill colours and the coded domain values.
Here's how you do it... posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 8 2010 2:14PM
The symbol names need to match the coded value domain names -- exactly -- including upper and lower case letters, spaces, etc. So if you have "residential" in the coded value domain, but "Residential" in the style, ArcGIS won't find a match when you use Match to Symbols in a Style.
Try the Import option posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 8 2010 5:45PM
Have you tried using the Import option? This might be the very easiest thing you can do. Once you get the symbology and descriptions right for one layer, you simply apply it to all the others using the Import option on the Symbology tab for the layer properties of the other layers.

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