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Vegetation/Canopy Extraction

February 10 2010 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

Is there a way to extract vegetation coverage or even basic land use from general aerial/sat. imagery?

I'm looking for one of or all of the following as an end result:
-identifying cropland vs forest land as polygons to be used with representations similar to to this
-extracting center point locations of individual trees to be symbolized using marker symbols
-creating a 'vegetation mask' as proposed for use in your tutorial for bump maps

Mapping Center Answer:

The tools you need to use are in the Spatial Analyst tools in ArcGToolbox. In the set of Multivariate tools, you will find tools that allow you to perform a supervised or unsupervised classification. In a supervised or unsupervised classification, the steps are:

  1. Create a multiband collection.
  2. Create the classes or clusters (using ClassSig, Create Signatures, Iso Cluster, or Sample).
  3. Evaluate and edit the classes or clusters (Dendrogram and Edit Signatures).
  4. Perform the classification (Maximum Likelihood Classification and ClassProb).

The two tools you will want to use in particular are Isocluster and Maximum Likelihood Classification. The help topic titled "Performing the classification" (in the help doc that relates to Multivariate Statistical Analysis) explains more about supervised and unsupervised classification.

Note that your question really relates more to geoprocessing, so you might want to check out the resources available to you on the Geoprocessing web site of ESRI Resource Center.

Huh? posted by Charles Bonetti on Sep 19 2012 7:34AM
This has got to be the most generic explination of a process i've ever seen. It looks like it could be really helpful, but the writer is assuming that the person looking for an answer knows as much of the topic as they do. Why would they be asking the question if that were the case?

This needs to be broken down ALOT more. Create a multiband collection....Arc 10 tool is actually called: Band Collection Statistics.
It creates a .TXT file that is USELESS to the Create Signatures tool. So there needs to be more explainations in there. ALOT MORE.

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