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Overlapping road in Cartography representation

February 14 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

How to make a road to the contours do not coincide?

Mapping Center Answer:

I am not totally sure I know what you are asking but my guess is that symbol level drawing is the solution you are looking for. Symbol level drawing gives you control over the drawing order of feature symbology. With symbol level drawing, you can set three different drawing parameters – how to join features with the same symbol, how to merge features with different symbols and how to order the symbols or parts of the symbols.

If you download the PowerPoint presentation for the talk we gave at the 2004 ESRI User Conference (the talk is titled "ArcGIS Cartography: Creating Advanced Effects for Cartography in ArcMap" and it was presented by Aileen Buckley and David Barnes), there are step-by-step instructions for a demonstration of how we used symbol level drawing to symbolize overlapping and intersecting line features with cased line symbols, blending the symbology for connectivity of roads and layering the symbology to clearly show overpasses and underpasses.

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