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How data drives labeling

December 08 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Modeling, Labeling, Map Data

If I draw a simple polygon using the Editor to represent a plot of land in ArcMap. How can I label, or annotate that polygon so I can put custom names, file ID acreage etc?

Mapping Center Answer:

This question is a good one, from my perspective, as it exposes some, now, rather noticeable gaps in our help. So, I’ll try to connect things for you.

First, all that information that you want to use to label your polygon(s) is typically stored in attributes (also, called fields). You can add fields in ArcCatalog when you set up your feature class, or afterwards using the Add Field tool, or in the table window by clicking the options button and choosing Add Field (note: you cannot add a field while you are editing).

In your case you would have a field of type Double for the Area in Acres, a text field for owner name, or address, etc.

To set the values, you can enter them manually as you edit, or calculate them.

Once you have the values in your data, you can turn labeling on to show text with those values for your features. From there you can decide whether to build a label expression to create a more complete label, or convert your labels to annotation which will store the labels as data, allowing you to edit them (here is a tutorial video dealing with how to create annotation).

Hopefully that will get you on your way.

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