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polygon cleaning

February 17 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have created a polygon shapefile by creating a large square first, then I shaped it by erasing two other features that shared its boundaries. The two erase features overlapped for a little out of my area of interest, so I ended up with my polygon plus some debris outside of it (picture enclosed). I'd like to delete this debris, but ArcMap reads it as a single polygon and I can't select single parts of it for deletion. The attribute table only lists one feature so I can't even select by attributes. How do I clean around the borders of my polygon?

Mapping Center Answer:

You can use the Explode tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar to separate a selected multipart feature into its individual, component features. This is useful when you needed to alter the attributes of one of the elements in a multipart feature, whcih is what you have.

To do this, in an Edit session, click the Edit tool. Select the multipart feature you want to separate into individual features. Click the Explode tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar. The parts of the multipart feature become independent features.

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