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convert maplex label to annotation

February 18 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

When I am trying to convert contour labels in Maplex to annotation, it converts the data without the Maplex order that was defined at the beginning when they were still labels.

As long as it is in Maplex, labeling it looks good, but as I convert to annotation, it becomes messy again...

Mapping Center Answer:

First, what you're seeing should not be happening--the annotation should appear the same as what on-the-fly labeling shows.  There are a couple of things that can affect that:

  1. The extent that you choose to produce annotation.  If you chose your data frame as the extent, then you should see no differences.  But if you chose your data's extent, and the data extends over a much larger area, then it's possible to have problems.
  2. Append versus writing to new annotation feature classes.  There are are at least two potential issues.  First, if you are appending, make sure the reference scales are identical.  Second, if appending make certain the coordinate systems for the target annotation feature classes match your data frame's coordinate system.
  3. Speaking of coordinate systems.  While most combinations, in terms of on-the-fly projection work fine, it's generally not good practice to be producing annotation from data that is in a different source coordinate system than the output annotation.  While we've made improvements to that, it's still not as reliable as keeping all the data and derived data (like annotation) in the same coordinate system.

If not of that helps, we suggest you contact technical support for further help in identifying the cause.

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