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Lot Dimension Annotation

February 18 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Labeling

I would like to create and automate an annotation feature class of parcel lines dimensions. I would like the text to appear the same distance away from the line whether the text is above or below a line. I've found that a Baseline or Center vertical alignment will allow me to manually place the text at the same distance from the line either above or below. The Convert Labels to Annotation seems to be creating anno with a Bottom vertical alignment. How can I create anno with Center or Baseline vertical alignment through the Convert Labels to Annotation?

Mapping Center Answer:

There are two concepts that need to be kept straight relative to this problem -- the first is the baseline that defines the location and curvature of the text, and the second is the placement of text relative to a feature, like your parcel lines.

Regarding the baseline, labeling only supports a bottom baseline – not a baseline at the center or top of the text. Therefore, when converting labels to annotation you will only create annotation with bottom alignment.

Regarding the placement of text relative to other features, the baseline is independent of the options for position (e.g., centered straight, offset straight, etc.) You need to use the label position properties to align your labels to the line, not the annotation feature properties. And you need to use the label parameters to offset the labels from the line features and then convert to annotation.

Label with Maplex posted by Mark Goetz on Feb 26 2010 6:20AM
Creating the labels through Maplex with a specified offset from the feature will create annotaton with a "baseline" vertical alignment. This is a huge time saver because if you want to reposition the text to the other side of the feature, using the Follow Feature function, the annotation will be placed at the same distance without having to manually change the annotation vertical placement attribute or annotation class properties. I would like to add that the documentation for annotation is lacking significantly. It is described fairly well such as properties and attributes but the overall description of HOW to properly implement is non-existant.
Correct posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 26 2010 3:11PM
You are correct that Maplex will create a baseline vertical alignment. We erred in our initial response. The text alignment issues you are seeing with the bottom vertical alignment are realted to a known bug that we are looking into. That bug is what is causing the issues with the follow feature tool.

We would like to find out about what implementation scenarios you would like to see covered in the doc/resource center. Could you please contact us about this using the Contact Us link at the bototm of this page.


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