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Bump Map Tool Issue

February 19 2010 | 7 comments
Categories: Symbology

I've been trying to use this tool with no luck. It seems like an amazing carto enhancement, but I am not able to get output. I'm attaching relevant information, including the log file from the last run-- just unzip to a desktop and the links should hook. I'm sure this is just a case of operator error, but I am totally stumped. Any help is asppreciated.

Mapping Center Answer:

It seems that issue is related to the spaces in the workspace "C:\Documents and Settings\William Withington\Desktop\landCover\BumpMapTools\BumpMapTools\ToolData\test1". Please copy the bump map tool in a folder without any spaces and try to run it again.

Bump Map Tool Issue posted by w withington on Feb 22 2010 5:37AM
That seems to have done the trick. I never would have figured that out on my own. Thanks to the Mapping Center for a prompt and accurate reply and for such an amazing carto tool!
You're welcome! posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 22 2010 8:25AM
Happy to help!
bumpMap: can't process 2 rasters posted by w withington on Feb 24 2010 10:23AM
Sorry to be such a pest... I'm running the bumpMap tool and can only get the first row to display on the output. In context, sedge_only (row1) outputs a raster of vegpat0 and displays beautifully in the output raster. conifer_only outputs to vegpat1, but does not show in the output raster. That said, vegpat1 has a low value of 0 and a high value of 0. Do you know how to resolve this?
Thanks, Bill.
Multiple vegetation class inputs posted by Aileen Buckley on Feb 24 2010 10:33AM
It sounds to me like you are getting the correct output (the vegpat rasters are not actually drawn to the output display – only the bump map raster with all the combined veg class bumps is), but for some reason the creation of the conifers_only vegpat is not coming out right. You say that the values for that vegpat raster are all zero. So when the two vegpat rasters are added to the hillshaded elevation, the values for the bumps for the conifer_only vegpat (which are all zero) do not show up.

Are you sure that you correctly specified the required values for the conifer_only input? To get the bumps from two input vegetation classes to show up on one output bump map, each vegetation class (e,g, sedge and conifer) needs to have a separate row of input values in the tool. Note that you do not have to re-specify the name and location of the output bump map raster as it is already specified when you input all parameters for the first vegetation raster.

The Tool Help and the readme file that comes with the download provide this explanation.
Multiple vegetation class inputs posted by w withington on Feb 24 2010 11:31AM
Yes, that sums it up. The hillshaded elevation has sedge, and the negative space of where the conifers should be. Each veg class has a different input row and each is , I think, valued correctly (sedge=10,10,2; conifer=10,30,10). I just tried running with only conifer as input and got strange output. I wish I could post an image. Not really sure what's going on here.... Any suggestions would help.
Multiple vegetation class inputs posted by Rajinder Nagi on Mar 2 2010 4:57PM
In reality, conifer trees are narrow in width and tall in height and the bump map tools are programmed to reflect that. Try to provide the larger value for height (at least equal to radius) of cones and you will get your desired output. For more details, you can go through the Map Algebra equations its using.

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