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How to symbolize divided highway intersections

February 23 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have a street centerline feature class that's been captured such that divided highways/roadways intersect each other at a single intersection point for network/route analysis (see attached images). Is there a way to symbolize these line features so that they appear correct correctly on a map? I've tried using an edge of pavement polygon feature class, but the data is incomplete.

Mapping Center Answer:

The most straightforward option is to replace the divided highways with a single line.

There's also a fairly straightforward technique using cartographic representations and overrides. In an edit session, you can use the representation editing tools to add a node/vertex to the divided highway centerlines. Then, you can move this vertex so that it lies on the crossing road. Then repeat this for the other roads at the intersection.

Road Intersections 2

This works fine for modifying a few intersections, but would probably be a tedious process for a city-wide dataset. Also, this probably won't really work for cased line symbology. And it probably won't work when two divided highways cross (see image below).

Road Intersections 2

Another option that would probably work in both cases, but would be more tedious, would be to convert the offending road segments to free representations. Then you could actually go in and move the endpoint of the representation symbols so that they line up correctly.

Unfortunately, we do not have a really easy "batch-mode" solution to offer at this time.

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