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Trying to create overpasses

February 24 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations

I am just learning about Cartographic Representations and finding it very cool. I have a question about creating overpasses. I am trying to create bridges on my roads layer for areas that go over rivers and they are not coming out right as you can see on the attached file. Obviously, I must be missing something but don't know what. I'm filled out the create overpass form from the Symbolization Refinement toolset but the bridges are not comming out right to me. I cannot find anything to help me figure out what is wrong, if anything.

Mapping Center Answer:

You need to use the Create Overpass tool with two line feature classes that you covert to stroke representation classes.  You have one line feature class (the roads) and one polygon feature class (the rivers).  So you are ending up with parapets on both edges of the rivers (because each edge of the river is a separate line in the polygon feature class).

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