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multiple maps at various extent in the single ArcView projects

December 12 2007 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Elements

I am trying to create multiple maps at various extents in the single ArcView project file. I want to save all the different layouts in the same file because each of the map layout is customized with titles and different details. How can I have multiple layouts in the single project file such that if I change any layer, it is reflacted in all the layouts within the file.

Mapping Center Answer:

ArcMap does not, by design, support what you are seeking to do. We used to do that with ArcView GIS, and found that a number of our customers created documents that were very large (100s of views and 1000s of themes) to manage, and when something went wrong, they lost a large amount of work in just one unfortunate episode.

If you have some sets of layouts that are essentially the same (titles, page numbers, etc. change, and the fundamental layout does not change significantly), then look into using one of our developer samples called ArcMapbook (originally called DSMapBook). It is available at: The maps in your maps series can be of any scale or extent, which answers your primary question. Much of the information that ArcMapBook uses is not actually stored in the .MXD, but in a feature class, so an additional benefit is that the risk to loosing work is much mcuh lower.

DSMapBook posted by Ted Cronin on Feb 11 2008 1:18PM
Now, another option would be to purchase the PLTS MPS Atlas, which will allow for dynamic labels, because as the Mapping Center has stated, the MapBook is great, IF, all your text is the same, but if you need the titles to change or support additional scales, and/or change the rotation for different sheets, then the MapBook will be inadequate for your needs.

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