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What do all symbols in all the ESRI font groups symbolize?

March 04 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

When you are in the Symbol Propoerty Editor Window, there are a list of different Esri Fonts. Say I pick Esri Oil, Gas, and Water because I'm doing a map with gas lines, water lines, valves, etc. What do those characters represent? I'm looking for a simple chart of symbols and font characters and what they represent. I'm doing a Utilities map and would like to use symbols that, those in the field, would recognize.

Mapping Center Answer:

Let's say you are just exploring what is available to you in the ArcGIS Symbol collection. You've already found the Symbol Property Editor and then you see all the glyphs which are available to use. Some of these are stand alone symbols, while others are parts of symbols pre-assembled for you under the Styles that come with ArcGIS. Styles are general groups of symbols that can be useful for a particular user community or map document.

There are utility-related styles (Water Wastewater, Utilities, etc.) and they reference the glyphs (images) of the fonts you are seeing. In the styles, attempts were made to name the symbols with simple industry-appropriate names. You may find that something is already ready for you to apply to your Utilities map.

There are a couple ways in which you can view these symbols. The fast and simple method is to download the PDFs that are online under the ESRI Support Center. Here is the link:

RE: What do all symbols in all the ESRI font group posted by Virginia Reid on Mar 5 2010 8:04AM

I can't believe how much a particular word can impact a search. I spent hours searching for the page you gave me, but I couldn't think of that magic word needed to find it.

Maybe, by chance, you know the magic word to help me find info on this: When you click on your Legend and go to Properties, you have 3 tabs. The "Legend Tab" is the one I am looking for. I was hoping for a diagram or something very descriptive to tell me what I'm effecting when I change the numbers. I particularly would like to find a way to put a space between groups. In the Legend, I have "Storm Water" with several symbols below it, then "Sanitary" with its symbols. I want to put a space between the last symbol in "Storm Water" and "Sanitary". I can't turn it into a graphic, because I'm building a template so the Legend needs to be able to update.
Legend Wizard posted by Aileen Buckley on Mar 5 2010 8:57AM
The graphic you are looking for appears in the dialog when you are first inserting the legend. The last page of the LEgend Wizard looks like the grahci I have attached to this Ask a Cartographer question. Hope this helps!

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