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Rotated representations

March 15 2010 | 0 comments
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I am creating "geohydrologic feature" representation markers based on the Cartographic Standards for Geologic Map Symbolization. Is there a way to rotate the symbol while leaving the text horizontal? An example is Ref No 26.2.6, a mineral spring used for domestic water supply, a spring symbol with a "M" next to it.

A work around is to label the feature with the appropriate letter. But I would like to get away from that approach (I already spend waaaaay too much time waiting for labels to draw).

Thank you.

Mapping Center Answer:

I created the symbol for the example you referenced from the FGDC Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization, REF NO 26.2.6 - Mineral spring used for domestic water supply.  I built the symbol using two marker layers, one for the ‘spring’ symbol and one for the text. 

The first marker layer contains the symbol for the spring, a circle with a squiggly tail.  The tail is oriented up, or zero degrees in a graphic rotation system.  Assuming that the text is always at fixed angle, the other marker layer is simply an "M" with an offset. 

To create the "M" marker, I clicked on the ‘Create Glyph’ and selected the letter “M” from one of the existing Windows fonts in the Marker Editor window.  After clicking 'OK' and returning to the Layer Properties window, I set the marker size to represent the font size given in the Cartographic Standard for the letter "M".  The font size given in the Cartographic Standard is 6pt., but this does not directly translate to what the marker size should be.  The marker size will vary depending on the selected font.  You may have to experiment with the marker size to get the appropriate representation. I set the On Point (x,y) offset to (-4.25, 4.25).  This places the text in a horizontal position at a fixed 45 degree angle.

For more information on the different methods of rotation used in ArcMap, please read the Using Rotation Angles for markers, lines, or polygon fills blog.

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