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creating cross-sections

March 17 2010 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data, Symbology

hello, I have DEM data and would like to know how would I go about generating a cross-section. thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

If you have the 3D Analyst extension, you can create a profile graph quite easily.  The online help will step you through the process.  There are also profile graph tools in Military Analyst and PLTS if you have those extensions.

sub-surface geological cross-sections posted by Peter Kasianchuk on Jan 4 2012 10:00AM
What about sub-surficial cross sections derived from point data (i.e. boreholes, test wells, etc.)? I'm trying to find a more simple workflow that doesn't involve creating multiple lines (as graphics!) in 3D Analyst, and way too many data conversion steps. Any ideas?
Groundwater/Subsurface Analyst from Aquaveo posted by Aileen Buckley on Jan 10 2012 4:46PM
You could do this in 3D Analyst, but it can be a rather involved process if you are starting out with borehole and/or well data. We suggest you look into tools from Aquaveo like Groundwater Analyst and Subsurface Analyst.

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