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Drop Shadow on Data Frame

March 23 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Page Layout

I would like to create a drop shadow around my data frame. The data frame has been clipped to a shape. I have tried a couple of different ways to achieve this.

1. I have made a representation of the shape and used the move rule to create the shadow and tried clipping to that. It appears that the rule is not observed when you clip the data frame to the shape which contains the rule.

2. I have copied the data frame and placed it under the original and slighly moved it while filling the desired shape in order to show the "shadow. Keep in mind the top dataframe is clipped to a feature. Everything displays on the screen correctly, however when I export to PDF the shadow disapears. My fear is the the data frame on top (the one clipped to the shape) is the culprit because transperancy is not supported on export. So the transperant portion is really filled with white.

Mapping Center Answer:

There is an option to add a drop shadow to the data frame -- simply right click the data frame name in the Table of Conntets, click the Frame tab, and you will see that third option is to add a drop shadow.  However, this does not work when you clip the data frame.  So instead probably the easiest way to do this is to use a graphic polygon as the basis for your data frame's clip to shape.  Then the trick is to do the following:

1.  Be working in Layout View.

2.  Activate your data frame, and select the graphic that is the clip to shape graphic.  (it may be easier to do this prior to turning on Clip to Shape. 

3.  Once the graphic is selected, use the Edit menu to choose:  Copy.

4.  Click in the layout somewhere besides your data frame (to unselect the data frame).

5.  From the Edit menu, choose Paste. 

6.  Then symbolize the graphic as a drop shadow and move it to the back (of the drawing order), and align it with your data frame.

The bit that makes this work is that you can copy graphics from a data frame, when in Layout View, and then paste them to scale in the layout.

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