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mosaic air photos with borders

March 25 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data


I have about 200 historic air photos that I would like to mosaic. The air photos have a considerable overlap. The air photos have been georeferenced. Most of the air photos have a dark background, however many contain a light background.

I thought about using the "Maximum" mosaic method for the air photos, however the result did not look quite right as then any error in georeferencing would be even more noticeable.

I only have one thought right now as to how I can do this. However I am not sure if ArcMap can do this: Remove all the borders on the raster by "shrinking" the edge of the raster by a few hundred feet. Then I could simply mosaic the rasters using the first option.

What would the best practice be to mosaic these photos

Mapping Center Answer:

You've almost written your way through this--Mosaic isn't the right tool for this problem.  When you've got images that overlap, potentially extensively, you've found what Mosaic cannot fix. 

There are a couple of directions to go.  If you you don't have many overlaps, you could build an image catalog, where the sequencing of images could favor the best images (on top). You could also use Image Server to produce a layer that includes these images, where you could optionally view each image individually as well.

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