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Sports and recreation symbols for ArcMap

March 30 2010 | 28 comments
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Is ESRI going to be creating a sports and recreation style of font set for ArcMap? Most municipalities have a need to make recreation amenities maps and those types of symbols are hard to come by. E.g. baseball, football, soccer, curling, skating, hockey, swimming, badminton, tennis, basketball, running (track), skiing, etc.

Mapping Center Answer:

Of your list of symbols, there is only a scant representation of the sports symbols in the ArcMap product. The ones that are in there are associated with the "Forestry Style" as markers. (Swimming, hiking, wading, steep bicycle trail).

If what your experience says is that "most municipalities have a need for this", please send a note to us listing the most useful symbols that you'd like to have us make.  Are they all markers or are there line-types that would be useful as well?

As a note, in all likelyhood tomorrow, there will be a style on the Mapping Center Resources page which will have more of the symbols you are looking for. This is a style made of symbols used by courtesy of the National Parks Service. It has bicyling, swimming, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, etc. Still, no curling at this time.



Municipalities DO have a need for more Recreation posted by Kelly Van Allen on Aug 17 2010 12:18PM
I work for a municipality, and am currently working on several maps for our Leisure Services. However, I have had a lot of difficulty in finding symbols for many of the recreation activities that we have!! In the previous reply, a list was are the symbols I've needed for this project...the star's denote symbols that I've had to borrow, create or download off the net

Arenas ***
Community Centres ***
Baseball fields ***
Basket Ball Courts ****
Best Start Hubs ***
BMX Facilities ***
Museums ***
Outdoor skaing rinks ****
Outdoor tracks ****
Skateboard parks ****
Ski Hills
Soccer Fields ***
Splash Pads ****
Tennis Courts ***
Badminton ***
Youth Centres ***
Curling ***
Post it on Mapping Center for download posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 17 2010 12:46PM
Should someone have or develop this type of style, we would be happy to post it on our Styles page here on Mapping Center so that it can be shared with the ocmmunity. If you now have a style with all the symbols you listed and you want to send it to me, I would be happy to make it avialable to others here for you. Just click the Contact Us link to let me know.
Additional required symbols posted by Tammy Kobliuk on Aug 17 2010 4:04PM
Further to the list above, which is pretty comprehensive:
- Football fields
- Rugby fields
- Hockey rinks (a bit different from a general outdoor skating rink)
- Running (e.g. on a trail or track)
- RV park
- Rodeo grounds (how about a bucking horse?) - okay, I know I'm stretching it with this one, but it would be nice...
- A cat (as in the furry one with 4 legs and a tail) - for mapping out cat licenses

One thing that is very important to understand: municipalities make a lot of maps that are a very different style from what state or national parks services may make. Instead of having a bicycle in a square, we sometimes just need the bicycle. Or just a soccer ball (with no square or circle around it). Simpler is almost better as we can then create composite symbols to meet our own local style.
Yes we need more posted by Gareth Mann on Sep 3 2010 6:51AM
We need symbols for all the sports, such as pictures of:

Tennis Ball
Soccer Ball
Tennis Court
Man Running
Sports related symbols -- a show of hands please? posted by Jaynya Richards on Sep 3 2010 10:50AM
In the past year or so we've had a number of request for sports related symbols. Can I get a show of hands on who is interested how the symbols would be applied for map use? If nothing else, then are they mostly requests for plain markers (wihout the Parks square surround) or complex layered symbols with color added?
Help us get a list together that would be of good use. Should the style be made of be sports figures or equipment, recreation fields and associated buildings and structures?
A Definate Need! posted by Nelson De Miranda on Sep 9 2010 12:28PM
As a cartographer for the Community Basemap Program, this would be very exciting to see. The ability to better represent recreational areas, down to the lines on a soccer field, would be phenomenal and also increase interest in the Community Maps initiative.
Very much needed. posted by Felix McCarthy on Nov 5 2010 11:00AM
It would be great to have one cohesive symbol set to represent sports and municipal facilities. I have a need for all the symbols listed above.
Municipal amenities and facilities symbol set posted by Nadia Namini on Nov 17 2010 3:00PM
It would be great to have one cohesive symbol set to represent features for municipality general interactive maps such as City amenities and facilities. The following is a list of such features. It would be great to use the standard symbols if they already exist. For example, ANSI/NCITS 415-2006 standard includes symbols for some of the listed features. "Ultimate Symbol Set" is also a great source.

Art Centre
Athletic Park
City Park
City Parking
College or University
Community Centre
EMT/EMS Station
Fire Station
Golf Course
Hazard Good Drop
Health facility/Health Clinic
Indoor Pool
Leisure Centre
LRT Station/CTrain Station
Off Leash Dog Area
Outdoor Pool
Police Station
Recycle Depot
Skate Park
Social Dev Centre
Tourist Attraction/Point of Interest
Visitor Info
Xmas Tree Drop
Skatepark icon posted by Crystal Paumen on Oct 24 2011 6:51AM
Was there any symbols created from this dicussion? I am looking for a skatepark icon or a skateboard icon to note a skatepark location on a map. Can you point me in the right direction as to where the icons were created and saved? Thanks.
In progress posted by Jaynya Richards on Oct 24 2011 2:31PM
We are aiming to post any relevant style(s) which is to contain most of the suggested listings in the very near future. It has been very helpful to receive input and direction from those of you who have taken the time to indicate what you need. All those in the comment thread will recieve an email to let you know when/where the style will be on the ArcGIS Resources Tab of Mapping Center.
Urgency posted by Crystal Paumen on Oct 25 2011 7:51AM
Would it be possible to get a symbol for a skate park right away? I am working on a recreation map and making the final touches to it , but the only symbol I don't have is the skate park. I would create one myself but really don't have any idea where to start or how to create one. I appreciate your attentiveness to creating the symbols for those who need them! Thanks.
skateboard symbol posted by Tammy Kobliuk on Oct 25 2011 9:33AM
FYI there is a skateboard symbol in the ESRI NPS 2 font. It's a little person on a board - might meet your needs.
feedback posted by Kenneth Field on Oct 25 2011 2:47PM
We won't be able to supply you with an individually designed symbol in the short term but we aim to get a style out as soon as possible. In the meantime, hopefully the symbol Tammy described from the ESRI NPS 2 font will help you.
ESRI NPS 2 font Location? posted by Crystal Paumen on Oct 31 2011 6:31AM
Is ESRI NPS 2 font is ArcGIS 10? I can't seem to be able to view this one. I am working in 9.3.
NPS 2 font posted by Tammy Kobliuk on Oct 31 2011 7:37AM
It's available with 9.3.1
Font name posted by Aileen Buckley on Nov 2 2011 11:51AM
Look for the font names ESRI NPS 1, ESRI NPS 2, ESRI NPS 3, and ESRI NPS 4. Those are the fonts you are looking for.
NPS fonts available for download posted by Tammy Kobliuk on Nov 2 2011 12:19PM
Note that the NPS fonts are available for download from the Mapping Centre website for those using older versions of ArcMap - go to the ArcGIS Resources tab and look under Styles.
Still looking for Recreation symbols posted by Kelly Van Allen on Nov 17 2011 12:32PM
As a GIS Technician working for an municipality, the NPS syle does not have all the symbols I require. It's still missing activities such as...

Arena's (indoor)
Beach (not just swimming)
Bacci courts
Day Care
BMX Tracks
Outdoor skating rinks
Indoor and Outdoor tracks
Soccer Fields
Football Fields
Splash Pads
Youth Centres

And any other activities that North American Society does on a regular basis.

Growing the list for Sports and Recreation posted by Jaynya Richards on Nov 21 2011 2:14PM
We are still working on this style and it looks as though it warrants a couple of styles which are (1) activities and (2) sport fields or some defined division in order to cover the aspects of the sports.
Need recreational symbols for municipalities posted by Patricia Langevin on May 24 2012 2:13PM
Playground, sports field, tennis court and ice rink.
Any update on these symbols?
Release? posted by Alan Toms on Aug 14 2012 11:02AM
Were these municipal sport symbols ever finished and released by ESRI? If so, can someone point me to them?

Thank you
Still a work in progress. posted by Jaynya Richards on Aug 16 2012 3:23PM
We have no final posting date at present, but have had to reconsider the overall design approach of the single style as not adequate or useful. Right now, the three styles we are working on are for small, medium and large scales with equipment, figures, and fields as relevant to the scale. The first issue will be for small scale and consist of point symbols only, thus addressing the majority of the more commonly requested sport items that you have submitted up to this date.
Format type? posted by Tammy Kobliuk on Aug 16 2012 4:11PM
Are you designing them around using true type fonts (as was done with the NPS styles)? Or are you designing the image-based raster symbols (such as those used on ArcGIS Online). Hoping for the true type font approach...although I am sure both approaches would get used.

Reasoning for true type font approach: more flexible and a cleaner look the majority of mapping that we do.
Format is still the same posted by Jaynya Richards on Aug 16 2012 4:54PM
Yes, we are still using the true type format approach for the first set of point symbols.
Status of symbol style development? posted by Stephen Page on May 1 2013 9:06PM
Hi,Is there any progress on this development of the discussed styles? Last post was August 2012 - saying "in development"?

Submit to ArcGIS Ideas posted by Aileen Buckley on May 3 2013 11:12AM
Sorry -- development was suspended with the dissolution of Mapping Center -- please submit an ArcGIS Idea ( to get it into the development team's line of sight. Then if you can get a lot of people to vote to support this it will move up even higher in their list of priorities. Hope this helps!
Sports and Recreation Symbolsets posted by Oliver Penman on Apr 14 2015 2:29AM
Does anyone know if a sports and recreation symbolset actually exists yet. It seems to be a veery common request.
Not yet posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 14 2015 12:04PM
It is a very common request and one that has not yet been met. I suggest you request it again or vote for this idea on the web site.

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