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Aspect/Slope style

April 02 2010 | 0 comments
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Hi there,

Was just looking at the blog, and noticed that you posted some new styles - thank you!

However, when looking into the Aspect-Slope Map style, reading Cindy's paper and calculating the raster, I couldn't find any easy way to apply the supplied style (the Fill symbols or Color swatches) to my new raster. A color ramp was not supplied, which I think would solve the problem.

I ended up using the color map in the paper and manually changing the RGB values for each class.

And now, I can now save my result as a layer file, but is there a way that I can save the colors (that I modified under the Symbology Tab/Unique Values) to a color ramp? Right clicking on the "Color Scheme" drop down box and choosing "save to style" only duplicates the active color ramp in the drop down box - not the one that I have customized.

Mapping Center Answer:

We posted a blog about how to make an aspect-slope map that uses the style -- here is the link: Also note that there is a data set that you can use to try this out on our ArcGIS Resources - GIS Data page.

You will see in this blog that we used the Classified renderer to show the symbology, then we set each class to a specific color. It sounds like you used the Unique Values renderer and again set a color for each class. When you do this, you do not actually use a color ramp. So saving your symbols to a style will not save a color ramp - instead it will save the colors -- even the ones you modified.

Edits made to a color scheme or a color ramp in ArcMap are not saved in the color ramp drop down menu the next time you open the layer, so the only way you can save those edits is to Export Map Styles. Edits made to a symbol using Style Manager are automatically saved. So a good rule of thumb when you modify a symbol in ArcMap, whether it is a single color, a color ramp, or any other symbol, is to use the Save to Style option immediately before getting out of the dialog. This way, you can save each modified symbol in your own personal style using a name that you will recognize.


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