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Is there any way to create a legend from an attribute in a single layer?

April 02 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

I have a map w/county attributes (median housing values). Through "Properties-->Symbology-->Quantities-->Graduated Colors", I'm able to color-code the map based on housing value ranges. I'd like to add a legend with the range corresponding to each color. So far, I haven't found a way to do that, although the ranges and colors are displayed in the TOC (shown in attachment). How can I make a legend when the data are all in one layer?
Related to this, in the worst case scenario, is there a way for me to copy-paste the colors somehow and make a legend manually? Since there are about 10, this is doable, but I'd rather have it automated, of course.

Mapping Center Answer:

Based on the screen shot you attached, it looks like you can't create a legend because you are in Data View.

In order to insert a legend with the ranges and colors that you see in your TOC, you have to first go to Layout View.

To understand the difference between these two views, read the help topic: Looking at a map in data view and layout view.

Once you are in Layout View, you can position your map and insert the legend.

To insert a legend, click the Insert menu and select Legend... to activate the Legend Wizard.

Follow the steps through the Legend Wizard's dialog, and you should have a legend for your map!


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