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Symbolizing a point feature as a circle with colored border, null fill

January 30 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

When I try to symbolize a point as a proportional symbol, using a circle symbol and a radius value, I have no problem altering the circle fill color. But when I try to symbolize the circle as a border with a null fill, I have the following experience:

(1) On the 1st attempt, I may symbolize the circle with a null fill and retain the default black, 0.5 point border.
(2) I may not symbolize the circle with a null fill and change the color of the border (the change does not stick…instead, it applies my border color choice to the fill and defaults back to a black border).
(3) If I make the above attempt (step 2), then try to go back to null fill and a black border (step 1), this does not stick. And again, it applies my border color choice (this time, black) to the fill.

I am running ArcINFO 9.2 Service Pack 2. Please let me know if this problem is fixed with a more recent service pack, or if you have any other suggestions!

Mapping Center Answer:

I just tried this with 9.2 SP4 and had no problems. I don’t know whether we fixed anything in particular. To be clear, the marker symbol I was using was a Simple marker symbol and I was able to set it’s marker color to “No Color” and I set the outline color to red and the outline width to 0.5, all while symbolizing using the proportional symbols method.

Before you go to the trouble of installing SP4 (which you should do, but at your convenience, rather than out of stressful necessity), try adding your data to a new, empty map in a freshly started session of ArcMap. Sometimes old map documents (from previous versions) will exhibit odd behaviors and just using a new map document clears everything up.

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