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RE: Aspect/Slope style

April 02 2010 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

>*Our Answer:*

>We posted a blog about how to make an aspect-slope map that uses the
>stlyle -- here is the link:

Thanks, looks like I missed that somehow.

However, in step 11 you say "You can save yourself the time and effort of applying the colors one-by-one if you simply reference the colors in the aspect-slope layer that we put in the zip file for you."

Checking the zip file again, there is no layer file with corresponding colors.

The blog post seems to support my assumption that there is no quick way (other than by using a layer file) to save the colors that were modified under the Symbology Tab/Unique Values (or in the TOC) to a color ramp. Is this the case? Can I request this function as an enhancement?



Mapping Center Answer:

I just double checked the zip file (Crater Lake Aspect-Slope Data from the Mapping Center - ArcGIS Resources - GIS Data page) and I see the aspect-slope layer in the download so I am not quite sure why you cannot find it, but the colors are also in the Aspect-Slope style that you can download from the Mapping Center - ArcGIS Resrouces - Styles page.

Regarding the question of saving the colors to a color ramp, as I noted in the last response, these are unique colors, not a color ramp so, no, there is no way to eaasily save them to a color rmap -- no color ramp is being used to display the categories.  Instead, each category has a unique color.

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