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Why do hashed lines looked wrong compared w/ the Cartography Course?

April 02 2010 | 0 comments
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I've been working through the Cartographic Design online course and have just run into a speed bump. The "Angle" section of exercise 3, topic 6 asks the user to create a hash line with a solid line beneath it by overlaying a second layer within the symbology of the line and then setting properties such that the hashed line is angled and at a certain width. The trouble is, when I set the hash line, it ends up as dots or rounded squares, NOT as thin lines. This is AFTER following the instructions carefully. Was the Cartographic Design program set for a different version? Is my program buggy? Did I miss a step?

Mapping Center Answer:

What you need to do is set two differnt widths - one for the width of the line itself (that is, how long the dashed will be), and two, the width of the dashes.  I am not sure if there is a typo in the directions you are reading, but if you want the dashes to be longer, then you would set the width of the cartographic line, not the hashes.

In the Symbol Property Editor, for the hash line, (not the solid line that is under it as the second layer of yoru symbol) click the first tab (Hash Line), then click the Hash Symbol button.  Set the color to red, and set the Width to something thin, maybe between .2 and 1, depending on the symbol you are making.  You will see that this creates a thin red hash pattern.  Setting the line width here to something larger, like 8 as you have, will make your hashes thick and they will look like the blobs of red ink you are seeing. If you change the preview from 100% to 400% you will see this a little more clearly.

Accept these changes by clicking OK to get back to the dialog where you can now click the second tab (Cartographic Line). Here you can change the width to make the hashes longer (not wider).

So my guess is that after you create the solid line on the bottom of the symbol, the instructions should read:

  1. Add a second line of the "Hash Line" type.
  2. Click the Hash Line tab. Change the angle to 30 degrees.
  3. Click the Hash Symbol button. Click Set the Hash Symbol to a bright red. Cliick OK.
  4. Click the Cartographic Line tab. Set the Width to 8.
  5. Set the Template to 1 solid and 6 open.

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